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org- Off She Goes::+ by NakuruAngel org- Off She Goes::+ by NakuruAngel
Aaaah, I'm so fed up with my own characters lately. They're so Mary Sue-ish. It makes me sad because most of them are really old, [G.S. here is from way back in 5th grade, a good five years ago] so they all have sentimental value. But I want to develop them so badly, I just don't want to damage childhood memories. xD

LOL So, drawing mindless art of them just STANDING THERE will work for now, since standing doesn't give them away as Sue's, exactly. >_> Fail on me. I need new characters. x_x

An oekaki that I've worked on and off on for the past week or so. Also, those are not STAINS on her shirt, they're flowers...>_>

I desperately needed to upload art. I've been Artless for a few days, and I do have a Fai sketch to put up but I don't want it up as a deviation unless it's a dump with the sketch of Kurogane I'm not finished with...and maybe one of Syaoran and Sakura since they're adorable. =3

Done with Photoshop Elements 2.0.
Flower texture on shirt: [link]
Jean texture: [link]
Cherry blossom brushes: [link]

G.S. and art (c) me [~NakuruAngel].
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Yeaguer Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
i dont use very well the textures,,,simply you copy the image of the texture in the jean, for example?
NakuruAngel Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yes. I usually go to the texture I want to use, copy and paste it onto my image, and then situate it the way I want. I then erase the extra texture space around the spot I wanted it (so the extra texture around the jeans) and then I change the texture layer type to something suitable, usually Overlay type. Play with it a little!
Vanilla-Wicked Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
This is beautiful hun! I just love the way she's drawn and the way you've colored her! I think she's adorbale and her clothing is great! Your antomy has improved sooo much since you're started and I just want you to know that! Jeez, your characters are always so pretty and unique looking. <3
NakuruAngel Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Aww!! Thank you so much for the kind comment Van, I really appreciate it! You always put so much heart into your comments. :heart: Thanks again. =)
F0X12 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
Great Pic!!
NakuruAngel Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. =)
Knifeshadow Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
*eyes light on fire* OH GOD BRIGHT COLORS.

lol I love you. Yeah I've been feeling the same way as of late. :3 Wicked job Alex.
NakuruAngel Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks dear.

You have no excuse to feel that way. xD You have two characters, neither of which are Sue-ish. Get over it. :heart::heart:
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